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This project was first developed in french (that's why the screenshots are in french). I plan to make further developments both in french and english.

Une version française de cette page existe sur mon blog.

A writing game

After the accident is a writing game. Through a draw of questions and prompts, you will build a story. This experience has been designed to be a solitary one, but you can do it in a group, in the form of a brainstorming, a cadavre exquis or whatever...

You will write a story as a diary. This diary is written by a person who is alone somewhere after an accident. The details of this place and of the accident remain deliberately vague so that everyone can treat them in an environment that suits them: realistic, funny, horrific, fantastic...

A role-playing game

After the accident is a role-playing game. However, its structure is far from the traditional role-playing games. You will interpret the role of a survivor, live their story following the directions provided by the cards, but also sometimes by your own decisions. There is no victory at the end of this game. There is no challenge to overcome. It is simply a matter of telling a story, good if possible.

A card game

After the accident is a card game. All the game material will be contained in a deck of cards, which you will handle frequently and which will bring randomness to your story.

For the moment, it is possible to play with a standard 52-card deck. Each card drawn is linked to a question, as explained in the rules. This allows you to test the game with the economy of a printable version that is not definitive. However, we lose the ease of use by having to refer to a correspondence table.

A printable version will soon be available. Very rough, it will allow to test the game easily. My objective is to offer in a few months a more complete version, with more ergonomic and attractive cards.

It is also possible, but not certain, that an online version will be developed.

A game to extend

The basic game cards allow you to tell the classic story of a victim of a shipwreck, of a crash, whatever they may be. I have already tried out various environments: shipwrecked on an island, aviator who survived a crash in the mountains, speleologist, waking up in a ghost town...

I also started to think about thematic extensions, which would add a few cards to the game, by proposing another theme in the story: the Treasure, the Others, the Unspeakable.

The game system could also be used for other types of stories.

An open game

After the accident is released under an open Creative Commons CC-By-SA license as well as Beerware.

The first one indicates that you can do whatever you want with what is offered here. Modify it, redesign it, translate it. As long as you credit me as the original author, and as long as you publish your work under the same license. Feel free to contact me if you have any ideas for improvements, if you want to participate in the project (illustration, layout, production, creation).

The second one says that if you see me and think this game is nice, don't hesitate to buy me a beer!

A game under development

For the moment, the game is still in beta and needs to be completed. Any feedback on it is greatly appreciated. I am currently working on adding a few questions, reviewing the End, and improving the rules and their usability.

I will use this page and the possibility to add a DevLog to it to let you follow the progress of the project.


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After the Accident - English - Beta 2.pdf 167 kB
Après l'Accident - Français - Beta 2.pdf 173 kB

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