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After the Accident

A solo RPG. After an Accident, you are left alone in an isolated place. Draw cards and write your survivor's diary. · By Nicolas "Gulix" Ronvel


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After the accident - Now on PoD !
This news is also available on my blog, in french . As the period of the fall conventions, here in France, is coming in a few weeks, I wanted to promote After t...
Final update ?
Last week, I updated the french files with the final pages of the game. I've added 13 settings in order to get a quicker start of the game, and to give you idea...
2 files
Updated the game
The game is now a "paid" one. While paying for it, you'll get access to a new PDF featuring 13 settings for your games. This is currently only available in fren...
2 files
Update and Jam
I updated After the accident after some interesting feedback on the text. Top or bottom? First of all, I had kept in the rules an idea that I had set up when I...
8 files
After the wait ...
I started talking about After the Accident in February 2017 . 4 years already! Time flies! I released a beta of the game, and I found out about other people pla...
Time to go on an adventure !
This is it ! After the accident is coming out of beta mode right now. All the files have been updated, the rules a little bit too. And it's now time for you to...
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New files (in french)
Hi everyone ! I've just updated the game page, and I've uploaded new files too. This is the new version of the game. Those files are available in french right n...
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Last post
I finished off a three-part playthrough of your game for my blog, after picking it up in the "Solo But Not Alone 2" bund...
started by The Maddest Sailor Apr 21, 2022
1 reply
Hello, j'ai tenté d'imprimer par 2 fois la version francaise PF, mais la plupart des pages impaires ne s'impriment que...
started by tharmine Jan 25, 2022
3 replies
Hi! I just bought this in the Solo but not Alone 2 bundle. I was wondering if there's a full English version available?...
started by Itarily Jan 17, 2022
2 replies
The game looks great and I absolutely love the aesthetic of the book! I did notice that the icons and the border in the...
started by Pazerain May 12, 2021
2 replies
I found this a charming and fruitful game. I wrote a creepy story with it, and am thus very pleased.
started by radiantfracture Jan 04, 2022
1 reply
I decided to try something rather strange as the accident: someone with no family nor local friends getting laid off in...
started by sinopiasaur Jun 08, 2021
1 reply