How about thinning the Titan?

A little over a year ago, Facing the Titan was released in its final and complete version. A nice and big book of 370 pages, available in PDF as well as in hardcover in print on demand. I sweated over these 370 pages. 370 pages well packed, since they contain the rules of the game, a grand example of playing, the 6 original Titans, 10 additional Titans, articles about the game to modify your games, play differently or create your own content. But it' s 370 pages.

I've had a lot of feedback on this format, compared to what the game offers. Because Facing the Titan is not a campaign game (even if ...). It's a game for one session games (two if you like to take your time). It's a game that doesn't necessarily result in repeated play, but rather to be pulled out from time to time. And these 370 pages can be scary. I agree. But the first impression is often the only one.

My goal with Facing the Titan is to make people play, to make them discover another way of playing RPG. And even if the "Rules" content of the book remains quite light, it bothers me that people who are apparently interested pass by because the book is too big.

Thinking about a solution

So I started to think about it. Especially since I've been wanting to come back on Facing the Titan with new Titans and new ideas. Which I'll probably talk about soon. But that's not what this post is about.

No, my thoughts at the moment are about reducing the content and pagination of Facing the Titan. Ideally, the goal would be to reach a booklet of about sixty pages, giving you the opportunity to discover all the rules of the game and a (necessarily reduced) selection of Titans. Yes, from 370 pages to 60! Knowing that the additional content of the game represents a good part of the pagination, it seems feasible to me.

The number 60 is not random. I want to continue working in PDF mainly. And this pagination, in an A5 booklet format, would allow a "home-made" printing. But I will probably also opt for a print on demand (still in this A5 booklet format). All at a reduced price (and content). A quickstart in a way. Which would allow to discover the game more easily, to distribute it more easily. Even if the rules would remain complete.

How to do it?

I've already started butchering one of my copies of Facing the Titan (a failed print proof in terms of the illustrations). This allowed me to sort out the "must have" / "interesting" / "dispensable" pages. Will the Great Example be kept in this version? For the moment, it is not decided. All the "What if" articles are removed, the extra Titans as well, and I plan to propose only 2 Titans in this version.

My first draft selection led me to consider a redesign. Less ink-hungry, to make it easier to print at home. And also to reduce the number of pages, the layout of Facing the Titan being spaced out at times. I don't intend to modify the text, which suits me very well for the moment. But who knows what the future will bring...

A free web version of the game rules is also thought of. I have the tools to do it, and I'm seriously thinking about it.

Now, with a game offering (in the idea) only 2 Titans, how to offer the others ? Offering the other 4 original Titans in a micro-supplement would be possible. What about the rest? This is one of my current thoughts. From a "game supply" point of view, the PDF would be offered to all those who already have the game. And a bundle would allow to upgrade its "light" version to a "full" version. I don't think I will offer the rest of the content in a cut-up mode.

However, this "light" version will have to allow the use of additional Titans (like the ones I have planned) with all the rules provided.

I don't have a date to propose, but I plan to think about it this summer. Feel free to ask me (here or on social networks) if you have any questions or remarks about this idea. If you think some of the rules of Facing the Titan need to be revised, this might also be the time. See you soon for more news!

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I commend you on this thinking and wish you a speedy revision!  I thought long and hard about buying a copy of Facing the Titan when it went on the Deal of the Day on DTRRPG.  Ultimately, I decided that 370 pages was too much content for a game I might play as a one-shot once a year.

Thank you for this feedback. I totally undestand the weight of 370 pages for a one-shot game. I don't have a schedule for releasing this revamped version, but I'll get everyone informed through this devlog.


I'm looking forward to it!