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“We are the Company. Hunters, warriors, mages, scholars, nobles, barbarians, we have been brought together for one purpose: to put an end to the reign of the Titan. This gigantic being has caused only ruins and desolation to our world for generations and generations. Progress and wonders are constantly at the mercy of the Titan's whims. Despite their differences, an agreement exists between nations. The Company. Us and others. We have each followed a mystical teaching, a physical training, a spiritual journey or all at once. The decisive day is approaching. The one where the Company will be reunited. The one where we will stand up to the Titan. We have been preparing for this confrontation, but we must not neglect our instincts in this battle. Let us get to know each other and rediscover each other after all these years. Tonight, let's share our experiences so that tomorrow those who will survive can tell the stories of those who will succumb.”

What is Facing the Titan ?

Facing the Titan is a GM-less roleplaying game I’m working on since summer 2018. It features a group of heroes, the Companions, that reunite after months or even years of separation. Their fate is to face the Titan, a gigantic being roaming their world. 

This game is Descended from Monkeydome. It uses mechanisms from games by Epidiah Ravachol, like Swords Without Master or Sorceress Bloody Sorceress. You'll need only two dices (one black, one white) and some paper to play the game.

There is no puzzle in this game, no tactical fight. It relies on the narration, the story. The Companions will likely defeat the Titan. How  they will do it is up to you.

What's to come ?

In order to release the full version of this game, I'll go on Kickstarter to fund the illustrations, by Roger Heal. The game will have at least 6 Titans, all illustrated and with a setting to build. If the campaign is successful, there will be more Titans.


Right now, you can download the first draft rules (which have changed slightly since, thanks to the playtests). A new beta draft is coming soon.

The Vamakaskan preview is also available. It features a complete Titan and Setting.

If you are more familiar with French, this game is first written in french. You can find more informations on my personal blog.


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