Kickstarter Update and Rules

Hi everybody.

The Kickstarter campaign for Facing the Titan is going in its last 10 days. We're right now at 270% of funding, and that means that the game will come out, and also that Stretch Goals have been unlocked!

Stretch Goals

The original game of Facing the Titan had 6 Titans and 6 associated Settings. With the unlocked Stretch Goals, I will add one more Titan. And guest authors will add 3 more Titans. Who are the guests? There is Epidiah Ravachol, author of Swords Without Master and Dread. Manuel Bedouet, a french creator, will add one too. And Rafu, from Italy, will add his piece too.

More Titans are coming in the end of the campaign.

Other Stretch Goals included articles to expand further the game. You'll get Alternative Endings, guide to create your Titan, rules variant for using the Settings, rules variant for a more Cooperative game.

One of the next Stretch Goals is a true Solo Mode for the game !

Rules of the game

As the rules of this game are not what you can find in a regular RPG, I decided to give everyone a taste of them. The current rules of the game are available in the form of a google document, with no layout, lack of examples and no Titan. You got Vamakaskan as a full Titan (and the Setting that goes along).

Feel free to read them, test them, comment them and share them!

And thanks for helping me getting this game out here!

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