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Here we are! Grand Rapid Falls! The last race of an exhausting season of the Tour! The crazy, fast and dangerous races of recent months have been exciting to follow, but this race is the most beautiful, the most prestigious. Whoever wins it will be crowned Tour Champion!

This season, the Champion crushed the competition and won all the events. But her challengers all want to take her place in this final stage!

3.2.1. Let's go! The race is on! But don't forget that these drivers have had some great moments all season long (relive them on our dedicated channel!) and the final victory may not be the goal of all of them! The sidelines of the track, failures and successes, their relationships with other runners will impact their performance.

Will the Champion win the race? What impression will these Pilots leave? Who will we see again on the Tour? Who won't finish the race? All these answers (and more) in our live stream!

Final Lap is a role-playing game for 2 or more players (although it is possible to play it alone). Based on Alex Roberts' game For the Queen, and therefore Descended from the Queen, it takes the form of a deck of cards, which we'll draw as the game progresses. They'll help us create our story.

The game exists in the form of a 24-pages booklet in pdf. You'll need a 52-card deck (or 54 with the jokers). Nothing else except your imagination is required. A game lasts between 30 minutes and 2h30, depending on the number of cards you're exploring. You decide when the game stops.

Final Lap explores the world of racing. We play as drivers in the last race of the season. The race that will determine the winner of the season. The Champion has won everything this season and is the favorite. But we are her challengers and we have an opportunity to beat her in this final lap.

During the game, we'll tell live scenes from the race itself as we approach the final lap. But we will also tell flashbacks about our past and what happened in previous races, between races or even before we entered the Tour. We will explore our relationships with each other and with the Champion.

Final Lap is available in a light version on the For The Drama platform. You will be able to play it online with a single ending where the Champion wins for sure. You can also use the platform to discover the game's questions and quickly test a game.

The full game includes 13 game settings with different atmospheres:

  • Fast & Furious style street racing
  • Aviator races in the heart of gigantic metropolises
  • Soapbox races
  • But also magician races, post-apocalyptic rallies, bike races ...

13 original champions are also available. All illustrated by Jan Van Houten, they allow you to quickly sketch the features of this secondary character in the race. Each Champion is associated with a Setting, but feel free to swap them around. Or use these Champions to define your own characters.

The race is just an excuse. Go for it. Have crazy adventures. Take on your opponents on the track. Find out who you are and why you're running these races...


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Hello! I know some Descended from the Queen games have tables that let you play with a 52-card deck rather than printing custom cards – is that something you've considered with this game?


That's something I'll consider when updating this game (in the next few weeks). As I designed it, I wanted to focus on the "card" aspect and manipulation, the original gameplay of DFTQ.

While testing new games, I found also that a reference table is useful as I don't have to print, cut, sleeve cards.


Really enjoyed playing this game with my wife for Valentines Day. 

We're not fans of motorsports but I sold it to her as "Remember how much we enjoyed the movie Rush?". 

And it was quite like that... 

...except our game turned more into a somewhat wacky Paris-Dakar. 


It was perfect as a game with zero prep. 

He'd really like to try it with more than two players. 

Thank you! 

I'm happy to see that it works even if you"re not into motorsports. I'm not really into it neither. What I'm interested in are the racers more than the race itself.

Also cool to know it works with two players. It's a configuration I've not tried yet.


FYI, I briefly mentioned it on the latest episode of The Gauntlet Podcast (15/02/2021). 

It was also among my recommendations to adapt Fast & Furious to TTRPG in an upcoming episode of The RPG Academy Film Studies (it will take me a while before I can edit it). 

Now I need to work out how to leave a star rating here. 



Interesting game. Totally narrative, you draw cards and answer to the question. At the end, with your group, you have to choose who is the favorite to win the race, then a last card will reveal if you win, or if the "NPC Champion" in the real winner, leaving all the players behind.

PS: the last "back" card of the "Final Card" set is in French. Also, in the 22/96 card, there's a "bad" quotation mark: I'd put it in the next lin, attached to the word You.
Can you fix it?


Thanks, I'll see to update the files in the weekend.