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As this project started years ago in a french version only, many of the links are french only (identified fr). I kept them as it might help where does this game come from.

Some years ago, I join a game-writing contest and wrote the game that would become the RadX Orphans. Then came Facing the Titan, which took control of my time and creativity. I put aside the Orphans. Who came back for a brief time before disappearing again… But I still had the desire to explore this universe, to write down these game ideas. And sometimes, the opportunity makes the thief. I read the Push SRD, and I wanted to join the Jam, to explore that rules system that seemed to match to what I want to offer as an experience while playing the Orphans.

As Couronne and its witch cohorts were overtaking Impera's forces, then appeared the RadX: war machines and new means of transportation, RadX weapons... But above all, the New Humans! These men with strange and wonderful powers, doped with RadX, became heroes of modern times. The Impera army even included women in its ranks: the Unit V of the New Humans.
These women are your mothers. But they disappeared on a secret mission. First considered dead or imprisoned, now the opinion is turning against them: "Deserters!" Some political groups have never accepted their inclusion in the army. And you, their children, also have powers. You have been exposed to RadX, and raised by the army in the New Humans Agency. But your mere existence bothers many people, who would like to wipe out the memory of the Unit V.
In the newspapers, you are called "The RadX Orphans". And people call for you to be watched, to be controlled. While all you want is to learn about the fate of your mothers.

Then I pushed

My first versions of the RadX Orphans were a hack of Swords Without Master. This is not the case anymore. Reading the Push SRD gave me the boost of motivation I was missing (and just a few days ago I was re-re-reading Rogue Scroll…). That minimalist system, with a push your luck idea, matches the tone I want to bring to the RadX Orphans : do I want to push my powers limits, with the risk of loosing control?

This pilot episode I bring you today is the basic version of the Push System. Two pages, half of it being random tables, very light rules and a GM-less game. Including character creation, scenario, progress rules.

It might seem light, and I know it. Reading the Push SRD helped me understand the meaning and working of it all, why some things are designed this way and how all those mechanisms work together. This pilot was a way for me to see if I was able to get back to it, to complete that first episode. Because, after reading What Lies Behind the Darkness, I know where I want to be heading for a future "Season 1". Yes, the series spirit will be used.

The Mission
For several days, you have been receiving messages from a mysterious Nurse at the New Humans Agency. She wants to help you escape from this place, because your lives are in danger. You planned your escape via coded messages left in the library.
Today, one of you overheard a conversation in which it is mentioned that the process of dealing with the Orphans should be speeded up, and that there are people ready to deal with the Nurse as well. So much for the plan, today is the day you get out of here!
You must escape the Agency and find the Nurse from the pressing danger, or you will lose your ally and your best source of information to find out what really happened to your mothers..

Next, in the RadX Orphans

I have many ideas, drafts to develop all this. While keeping this light system that suits me. But already, if you look closely, bits of Swords Without Master have crept into the text. I'm an incurable rogue. And the upcoming season 1 will be even clearer on that.

I plan to add more creation options, add some snippets about the setting, offer a mission engine for further adventures, work on Agendas and inject some additional mechanics to manage the game. Content for the Matrix and tips will probably be added.

I intend to make the game a living "Work in Progress". It will depend on the feedback, on my ability to play it, to test these elements. On my motivation and my ever-changing cravings.

The game will be bilingual, in French and in English. And this pilot, as you might discover it today, will probably be slightly reworked and expanded


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May 29, 2022
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May 28, 2022

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