Nicolas "Gulix" Ronvel

A MOSAIC strict module. A Checklist NPC. Someone who surprises you .
"I spared no expenses." A playbook for Escape from Dino Island
A MOSAIC Strict module to run an election in the background of your game
Who killed Roy Shelby during the annual vintage cars ECAT tour? Let the Murder Mavens of Brindlewood Bay find out!
Un cadre de jeu pour Monster of the Week
A GM-less game about Companions facing a gigantic being : the Titan
A solo RPG. After an Accident, you are left alone in an isolated place. Draw cards and write your survivor's diary.
A System Reference Document dedicated for hackers and game designers, in order to create game by Following the LEADS.
A Push-powered RPG where you play orphans with strange powers, looking for the truth and freedom !
Experience the conclusion of a racing year on the Circuit during the last race in this GM-less RPG.
There's this zoo somewhere, full of tigers and with self-proclaimed King. Everything will be alright, sure.
A one-page RPG of gangs of mutants animal, in New York
Un jeu fractal pour dénouer les intrigues d'un crime aux ramifications innombrables
A Card RPG "descended from the Queen". Play journalists on a Case that could change their careers.
Play the different versions of Rocks and try to save the Rockyverse by recovering the Teremana Stone !
Run through the last days of the season, to the Finale. It's just High School football, right ?
Play an old warrior, abandoned as an empty armor by its creator centuries ago ...
Racontez comment cette oie vous terrorise ...
A tool to run 100d6 dice for Wretched & Alone games
Run in browser
Watch the Park. Report any fire. You're on your own, except for a talkie to speak to your fellow firewatchers.
Rumble way for a Battle Royale. Which wrestler will not go over the top rope ?

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