Nicolas "Gulix" Ronvel

A System Reference Document dedicated for hackers and game designers, in order to create game by Following the LEADS.
A GM-less game about Companions facing a gigantic being : the Titan
A solo RPG. After an Accident, you are left alone in an isolated place. Draw cards and write your survivor's diary.
Experience the conclusion of a racing year on the Circuit during the last race in this GM-less RPG.
A Card RPG "descended from the Queen". Play journalists on a Case that could change their careers.
A one-page RPG of gangs of mutants animal, in New York
There's this zoo somewhere, full of tigers and with self-proclaimed King. Everything will be alright, sure.
Run through the last days of the season, to the Finale. It's just High School football, right ?
Play an old warrior, abandoned as an empty armor by its creator centuries ago ...
Racontez comment cette oie vous terrorise ...
A tool to run 100d6 dice for Wretched & Alone games
Run in browser
Watch the Park. Report any fire. You're on your own, except for a talkie to speak to your fellow firewatchers.
Rumble way for a Battle Royale. Which wrestler will not go over the top rope ?

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